Letters to the editor of 2600

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Written by hackers, cypherpunks, conspiracy theorists, prisoners, teenagers, seniors, script kiddies, and ordinary people, 2600‘s most popular section is the letters.

But there’s a problem with that section. The only way to get into the discussion is by emailing letters@2600.com and waiting up to 3 months for it to get published in print. Fortunately, technology exists that can make this problem go away! Each time I receive an issue of 2600 in the mail, I scan and use OCR software to post all the letters here for the internets to comment on.

Here are some books you might find interesting:

Please subscribe to 2600. Even if you get to make your voice heard here, please continue writing letters to them. It’s way cooler for your letter to be in print than in binary anyway, and there’s fewer trolls in the physical realm.

Contact me at twopointfour@riseup.net.